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Yossi Gestetner Calls the New York Times’ Preoccupation with Chassidim “Nasty Bigots”

By 12/26/2022 2:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Yossi Gestetner, a Chassidic political commentator, attacked two New York Times reporters who have a compulsive obsession with the Chassidic community on Twitter.

Both journalists, according to Gestetner, are hypocritical “nasty bigots” who pose as “education” reporters but rarely talk about anything related to education other than to persecute Jews.

Additionally, they have an odd propensity to concentrate just on one ethnicity.

Joel Petlin, the superintendent of the Kiryas Joel School District and a vocal supporter of yeshiva education, had tweeted something to which Gestetner was replying.

“One day, a book will be written on the NY Times’ constant biased portrayal of the Hasidic Jewish community,” Petlin stated in a tweet that featured an illustration of the numerous recent savage antisemitic attack articles the Times had published. The Times sees Hasidic Jews as embodying everything their owner and editors detest—faith, family, and community—much like their horrible coverage of the Holocaust.

In response, Gestetner said, “There is no way that reporters can have all of their recent work be about one ethnicity and all coverage negative without running the risk of being branded as a terrible bigot by everyone. Except, of course, if the @nytimes is the target and the Hasidim.

Most of the people who demand to “call out” bigotry (when it suits their national politics, to be honest) and those who declare to “stand with the Jewish community” are MIA in this situation, the speaker said. Some of those Standers support this biased reporting, which, once more, wouldn’t fly against anyone else.

Many basketball players and rappers have publicly expressed similar things about Kanye West, but most Caller Outers of West have remained silent because it doesn’t align with their political views.

West supports MAGA, so hey! The Times is the same. Nobody is concerned because it is on “their” side.

As the “reporter” in charge of covering NY’s schools, he added, “It should be observed that @elizashapiro (nor @brianmrosenthal) hasn’t produced a single piece about any other school in nearly a year.”




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