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Zeldin Pledge Full Support for Yeshiva Education

By 11/06/2022 3:25 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Last night, hundreds gathered in Williamsburg for a post-Shabbos demonstration in support of Congressman Lee Zeldin.

As the candidate reaffirmed his commitment to supporting yeshiva education, there was raucous applause and cheers from the crowd.

People gathered outside Eden Palace at the intersection of Flushing Avenue and Skillman Streets.

A video surfaced on Twitter showed a sea of black caps and streamers among the Zeldin supporters.

The congressman riled the crowd on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by denouncing the New York Times for using its premium above-the-fold real estate to incite an attack on Orthodox schools.

They avoided discussing September 11th, according to Zeldin. Instead of debating an allied country getting a new king, they criticized yeshiva education.

Zeldin attacked both his opponent and yeshiva education, declaring that Albany had gone to war with it.

He pointed out that Governor Kathy Hochul declined to discuss her views on the matter with reporters the day after the article was published, right before the Board of Regents was supposed to vote on the proposed education reforms.

Zeldin also discussed other issues hurting Brooklyn’s Jewish communities, such as eliminating cashless bail and reestablishing safety to the city’s streets, in addition to yeshiva education.

Zeldin proclaimed that there would be “zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, on our streets, in any of our schools, and the corridors of government” after claiming that “New Yorkers have been attacked.”

You deserve to live in safety with your loved ones.

Despite the late hour, people of various ages attended the demonstration.

A video of Chasidic youngsters practicing a song for the occasion can be seen singing, “Lee Zeldin for governor one term, Lee Zeldin for governor a second term, and Lee Zeldin for governor a third term.”

Vote for Lee Zeldin one, two, three, and vote.


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